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100 Countries or Not?

100 Countries or Not?

on Jan 30, 2016 in Travel & Music |

It’s January and I have 24 countries to do in this year before I turn 50. I chose this out of thin air. There’s no logical rhyme or reason to this. I said I would do it and now I feel righteous to do it!

It’s January and I have to plan 24 countries to go to in one year. It’s exhausting to think about it. I need money and time to do this. Ok I also need the energy to do this. Not that I’m old or anything, but it takes a lot of stamina to keep on flying about, seeing new places trying to take it all in eat strange foods, navigate my way around new areas, different languages. It takes a lot out of a person.

24 countries to go…..I’ve got the next 4 booked to do by end of February. Next 20? I know where I want to go, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Kenya, Tanzania Zambia, Malawi and The Balkans-Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia. Oh and Madagascar and Seychelles. Plus Belarus, Latvia, Jordan and Egypt and maybe Cyprus. This makes 103, just to cover my belief I was in North Korea, by stepping over the yellow line, and Belize and Honduras for only being there 5 hours each, lol

Time, money and energy. Who is really monitoring me to do 100 countries??? Me for sure, I hate lying. But YOU my readers need to speak up and let me now this means anything to you. I meet people all over the world and tell them about my website and my mission, they say they are rooting for me but I never hear from anyone. Let me know your thoughts and ideas.


100 countries or not?