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About Raquel

5I Love to travel! I love seeing new places and meeting new people. I love staying at different hotels, visiting different historical sites or new museums whatever, I like everything different…then home. How to keep doing this is the tricky part.

So I have these two friends, very well meaning friends both with the skills and adoration for me to do this blog website for me. All I have to do is write. Hopefully I can write and entertain everyone about my travels.

My name is Raquel, guess you can tell that by the website name. I’m a single mom now for 12 years. I’ve just recently become an empty nester. My boys are 18 and 20, they are currently attending University of Guelph.

 I am 46, Jewish, and unemployed in a certain sense. I’m between jobs, so I travel for my excitement.

I have travelled to 47 countries so far, been to many of those places over and over again. I still need to go back and see more of many of those places its impossible to see it all in one trip. My longest time away is usually two weeks then I come home and be a mom then go back out. Now with my new child free state, I can go for longer periods.

Favorite Things:

  • Skydiving 2x  (Los Angeles, Las Vegas)
  • Hang gliding 1x  (Brazil)
  • Piloting a plane 4 x  (Florida, Pilot school…incomplete)
  • White water rafting 3x (Puerto Rico, Ottawa, Australia)
  • Segway 12+ x ( Worldwide!)
  • Sailing 3ish x    (Toronto, Greece, Italy….Florida)
  • Cruises 5X   Don’t knock till you try it!  ( Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bahamas, Caribbean)
  • Edgewalk, (Toronto, Dec 2013 Sydney.)
  • Driving on the WRONG side of the road 2x Jamaica and England

Little About me:

  • 46 yrs old
  • Female
  • Aquarian
  • Jewish
  • Canadian
  • Single
  • mom of now two adult boys… empty nester?
  • Youngest of 3, sibling order means something.
  • Daughter of a very well known Canadian politician
  • Daughter of a Gypsy, well my mom…she was just like a gypsy ask anyone!
  • My brothers’ a real estate developer (8 kids, 2 grand-kids!)
  • My sister is the real writer in the family, she gets paid for it… really!
  • I’m an aunt, great aunt, cousin to at least 30 cousins! Sister in law, friend, business partner, niece, Liberal.
  • I never pay retail! When allowed to haggle I do!
  • Everyone who knows me, calls me a world traveler.
  • Not a lover! Single? Remember?