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on Aug 31, 2015 in Travel & Music |

I loved Iceland but wow is it expensive to buy anything there especially food. They have very little of their own resources and import everything else. They eat all their possible resources such as whale and puffins!

Yes more expensive then the British pound and the Australian dollar. They do have nice reasonably priced hotels and great tours all very good prices. Just can’t buy anything. I even flew there last minute on the cheap! The airport shops are actually cheaper than the rest of Iceland I do not know why, don’t ask!

The weather in July was amazing, hot somewhere cold somewhere else. The sky was surreal and the landscaping too. Shocking to be outside at 11pm and it’s not dark???? The especially fit persons will love Iceland so much outdoor adventure tours that really push your limits! I’m not one of those persons, I like walking and riding, not climbing trekking and camping or any other outdoor extremes activities of the likes of the great outdoorsy persons. But Iceland is really that the great outdoors! Enjoy! I did!