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Kazakhstan for another off country to check out!

Kazakhstan for another off country to check out!

on Jan 10, 2016 in Travel & Music |

I say off country as its not really for tourists. I mean it is but not many people think of it as their dream holiday place, it’s not really a bucket list country but for me it was. My father had been an ambassador there and I’ve never seen it.

I picked Almaty because there was a Hard Rock Café there, that’s the last time I let that be my decision maker. I should have chosen their capital city Astana as I love major cities. I assumed that if there was a Hard Rock there it had to be a trendy place.

Kazakhstan was part of Russia for so long that it is still felt there, 70-80% of the people in KAZ speak Russian. The other languages spoken are Korean and Kazakh. In fact their restaurants are either Russian or Korean with very little to Kazakh origins. It is the 9th biggest country in the world I expected to see that strength there but all I saw was too much snow, so many apples and some very nice people. People call it one of the ‘Stan’ countries, how’s that for odd?

I’m not saying don’t visit, I imagine it to much more beautiful in the summer, and don’t stay for just 2 days its not enough time. My father spoke highly of this country, therefore it is.