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Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador in March!

Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador in March!

on Mar 30, 2016 in Travel & Music |

Countries not high on peoples list of fun places to go to?? You would be wrong.

Nicaragua has some of the best beaches and resorts. It’s cheap and the people are so friendly. This is a place for surfers for sure but I am not a surfer and I really liked the small towns and the resorts. It’s a little hot but worth the trip. Made me really want to learn Spanish!

Guatemala has some of the nicest people! I dropped my wallet in one place, someone handed it back to me. A ten dollar flew out of my pocket and again someone gave it right back to me, plus it was a teenage boy!! Not so impressive in shopping really, but they try. The chocolate was pretty good and they have strange flavors of ice cream. Lots to explore and see the small towns are so sweet and the restaurants for every taste imaginable. A few too many smokers here and there and a few too many beggars but the streets were clean and manageable. I’m so sorry I don’t speak Spanish!

El Salvador was pretty neat too. I met no one though, I’m not sure if that meant it wasn’t friendly or if I wasn’t friendly. Literally talked to no one, I spoke to the taxi driver and the hotel receptionist. Pointed on menus and had a map marked quite accurately for where I was going. Many high rises, shopping malls and very busy city of San Salvador which is the only place I visited on this short trip. I needed more time, it’s on my list to go back to. I saw nothing dangerous on the streets they were clean, normal traffic and well designed city. My hotel was lovely!! BUT I need to know Spanish!!