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Planning the perfect trip?

Planning the perfect trip?

on Aug 27, 2016 in Travel & Music |

It’s so frustrating to find the perfect holiday on line, there are so many options now, so many magazines to read and guidebooks to use and of course where your friends and family recommend. In a nutshell it can be overwhelming.

You were hoping this article will help you gain some insight? Nope.

Just voicing the obvious.


I have a trip I’m planning for September, It will be 7 countries in 28 days. The Balkans: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia and Kosovo plus Bosnia. I know there are certain places I want to see, stay and learn about. Just mapping out which direction to go was complicated. I wanted the cheapest flight there and back to Canada. That was first pick two different cities to fly to and return from. Then decide if flying or busing or train was the way to go for the next cities and countries. I booked a boat, couldn’t resist, Croatia and Montenegro from a boat? How cool is that?
Next is wondering if I am overthinking, over planning the trip. These are foreign countries with languages I do not know how to speak, I’m alone, and it’s a lot to consider.
Then comes everyone’s opinion and recommendations. Plus I love reading everything it gets to me. I’m exhausted.
There’s this hotel in Dubrovnik that comes highly recommended, it was sold out 3 months ago. I try once a week hoping for a cancellation. Of course I’ve phoned them to check too. It seems a lost cause, I booked another place with a free cancellation policy. Looks like that’s where I’m staying after I get off the boat.
Planning is excruciating, I hope I’m doing this right.
So almost all the cities are less then fours hours in driving distance.
Yes I tried several agencies and tour companies to just book all this for me, wow they are expensive and it was all driving, alone with one guide. That seemed too much for me. 28 days with a stranger who speaks some of the languages and does all the driving won’t he be exhausted? It’s not enough variety for me. Besides I said I couldn’t resist the boat! It’s a mini Yacht! You get me yet?

You know what you want, you know how much you want to spend, you read about it, you researched it, you dreamt about it. You can do it….I AM!