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Rain and Holidays don’t mix well

Rain and Holidays don’t mix well

on Oct 17, 2015 in Travel & Music |

I’m not one to write articles while I am on the trip let alone the first day but I have to say something. When it rains it can really mess up your holiday!!! Manila is pouring all day and all night! I’m in a room with no windows it has one whole wall of an aquarium with dozens of different fishes swimming by to and from the rooms besides me. Awesome as that may sound there is no window I cant tell the time of day it is at all. Its like having an inside room on a cruise ship!!

Anyways the point is one must plan what else there is to do when it rains, Museums and Galleries seems to be the best option. For me I went shopping, I bought nothing but they have crazy different type of malls here. I think the first place I went to Galleria 3 was so large but then I realize it is one of three malls attached to each other, It was massive then I kept walking along indoors until I was in another mall, it was called greenbelt 5, then I realized it had five malls attached to each other!! I’m not talking about a department stores I’m talking about malls just being added to each other!! None were empty. It was jammed packed with people everywhere!! This is 8 malls of shopping!! So many independent stores, restaurants and services!

This was a weird tourist attraction for sure. AND I still didn’t buy anything! Not even my usual key chain. Going to wait till my last day here to pick up trinkets and of course ill buy my Hard rock Pin and be on my way!

Tomorrow better not rain I’m on a bus tour for 8 hours seeing lots of exciting sites all outdoors……oooh maybe I should have bought a raincoat???