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on Apr 18, 2016 in Travel & Music |


What’s that? I just wanted to let everyone know I’m invested in a great new business. I travel a lot and I like the idea of being in a business that could potentially save a life. Or even to become a hero by saving someone life.

It’s an electronic medical alert bracelet. All android phones have a thing called NFC on them, you place the phone near the bracelet and you can read the info that is on the bracelet. The info is only what the person wants you to know so that you can help them in an emergency.

I wear the bracelet everywhere, its pink rubber bracelet with the medic sign on it. I put info on it online to say how to help me such as call my sister, my name and that I’m deaf. Hopefully that’s all anyone needs to know for me.

There are many people with more serious issues such as diabetes or heart troubles they would put that info on it for you to help them. First responders and doctors can read the bracelet and they will have secondary info that only they have access to.

Be hero, save a life and help yourself.


Check out this link and learn more about it, tell anyone you know who may need this lifesaving device!